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Our Story

The Southern Region of the kingdom is epitomized by its warmth and vibrancy of its colors. The region is also famous for and prides itself in the exuberance of its hospitality. So when the family moved to Jeddah many years ago, they yearned for moments of the same warm welcome and hospitality of their native; Abha. These cultural values are so deeply entwined in the DNA of everyone from the region. While growing up the children get accustomed to hearing welcoming phrases from their parents whenever a dear guest is in their midst. Receiving guests with the utmost hospitality has been strongly rooted in the family’s character. The family now wishes to share these welcoming phrases, their hospitality and the southern customs to greet all guests at all our SHADA Properties. These customs might seem strange to visitors at first, but once they leave, they find themselves missing this hospitality and sense of belonging because even if for a short while, they were embraced as family members. That is what we aim for at Shada. We want our guests to feel like we are their family, and we want them to realize we’ll miss them from the moment they leave us until they return again, where warm hospitality and comfort shall always be ready for them.

Our Brands


Where hospitality comes from the heart

Upscale - Full Service


- Corniche (JED coming soon)

Target Market

- Pleasure travelers

- Business travelers

- Guests who seek unobtrusive service

Shada Hotels Features

Old world charm infused with latest technology ... Basic Luxury grade but supremely comfortable ... Full Service Properties

Guest Experience

Understated luxury, with discreet and unobtrusive service. You will enjoy the comforts of your .surroundings in peace, will always feel fresh and cared for

SHADA hotels is associated with the colour GREEN which symbolizes



More than just a hotel, it is a way of life

Mid Budget - Convenience - Self Selected Service


- Executive Hotel (JED)

Target Market

- Young Travelers

- Corporates

- Executives

Shada Executive Features

- In the heart of major cities ... High Energy ... Proper gyms / Business area / Dining cafe

Guest Experience

With the world shrinking and people travelling more, it is challenging to find the right place to stay which helps you unwind and recharge. Shada Executive is a warm familiar friend that allows you to retreat to a sanctuary that not only refreshes you but puts the spring back in your step, as we are more than just a hotel, we are a way of life. Designed creatively to .provide all the modern conveniences at your fingertips, for today’s generation

SHADA executive is associated with the colour AQUAMARINE which symbolizes



Welcome Back!! You are home

Home Stay - Semi Luxurious - Limitless Service


- Al Salama (JED) ... Al Hamra (JED) ... Al Zahra (JED)

Target Market

- Families

Shada Suites Features

- Home style comfort ... Big comfortable apartment style rooms ... Basic Facilities

Guest Experience

In a world where distractions are aplenty and time is fast slipping away. SHADA Suites allows you to connect and discover the togetherness of family, tradition and values. Carefully and thoughtfully designed to cater for every need of a family, you will always be greeted with a smile and warmth, and be greeted Welcome back, because you are home

SHADA suites is associated with the colour MAROON which symbolizes


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